State of the Art Facility

We don’t shy away from data, we love it. All our coaches use Trackman and video analysis to help you improve your swing. We store all the data, swing videos, tests and screencasts in the cloud. We use these tools to help you better understand your swing and track your progress as you improve your game.

Team of Experts

Each part of our team (golf, fitness, medical) are TPI Certified. We believe that there isn’t a perfect swing out there, but we believe that as a team we can find your perfect swing. Having all 3 parts in house allows us to be on the same page when it comes to our golfers. Having a team of pros behind you is always better than one.

  • Alex,
    Man that was great! I went to Interbay and had a very productive 70 shot practice session based on what we discussed today. I am excited to be a part of your new academy and look forward to the path ahead. It was also a real pleasure to meet Matt. I don’t know if you guys were bullshitting me about my golf swing, but I sure came away feeling like a better golfer than when I walked in! Nice job!

    Sten, Customer
  • Alex is excellent at translating a swing concept into words that are easy for me to understand. He is an excellent communicator and he makes it fun!! I recommend him highly whether you are a beginner or very advanced. He has all the tools – Trackman and video analysis.

    Nancy, Customer

Professional Staff

Our passion for the game will show when we teach. With our wide range of abilities and experience, we can tailor the perfect program for you. Our goal is simple, to make you a better golfer so you can enjoy this great game even more.


Multiple membership options available. Perfect for golfers who are looking to have regular instruction and practice each month.