Instruction & Services

Individual Lessons

All of our lessons are done using the latest technology in golf. We use Trackman Launch Monitor, Slow-Motion Video analysis to ensure you are getting the correct information about your game. We also have BodiTrak and SportsBox AI Technology. No stone is unturned at PNWGA. Each lesson will come with a customized Trackman video lesson sent to your email and stored in your locker.  Each of our individual lessons are 1 hour in length.

Junior Golf Academy $385/month

One of our main goals is to provide junior golfers with the best opportunity to succeed at the next level.  We have the most competitive junior golf program in the state and sent more kids to the state championship then any golf or country club. Our Academy ages range from 8-18 years of age and we place kids in groups based on their age and ability. 

Memberships $200-$500/month

For our individuals who are serious about their game!  This program allows you to take lessons with ANY of our instructors.  Practice on your own in our Trackman bays so you can be assured you are practicing the correct stuff and hitting the numbers you need to be a successful golfer.

NEW! Junior Summer Camp $395-$650/per camp

3 Day Summer Camp for our Junior Golfers. Two camps offered based on age, Kid: age 6-12 & Teen: age 13-18.  Click here to find out more and register.

Full Game Assessment - Handicap 18 or Less $275

A 2 hour lesson that is unique to the PNW. This assessment gives us the complete picture of where you are at with your current game and what areas need to improve without having to reinventing the wheel… we hope.
The assessment includes:
– TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Screen
This will show us your mobility and strength in relationship to the golf swing. We do this so we know what your limitations and strengths are and gives us a greater understanding of the swing you need to make to be the most successful.
– Trackman Combine

The Trackman Combine is a standardized 60 shot test that Trackman developed based on PGA Tour averages. Its a comprehensive test that covers everything from a 60 yard shot to driver so we really get a better understanding of your game as opposed to watching you hit some 7 irons. We film both down-the-line and face-on angles on every shot.
– Personalized Videos about results
After the test is over we go over the all the result. We discuss your swing and how it relates to your TPI screen. Areas in your bag to improve. It also comes with a personalized game plan for you. We discuss what areas we need to address in order to achieve your goals the quickest. We won’t know until we test everything.

Club Fitting/Bending/Regripping $125

Let us optimize you for the latest clubs on the market and add more consistency and distance to your clubs. We do all of our fittings using Trackman Technology and the new Titleist RCT (Radar Capture Technology) PRO V1. We currently offer everything Titleist, Taylor Made, Callaway and Cobra have to offer including exotic shafts..
We also have a Mitchell Golf loft & lie machine if we need to make adjustments to your lofts and lies. We also offer regripping of clubs and have a wide range of options.


Email [email protected] to schedule a fitting

Corporate Events

The PNW Golf Academy can host corporate events, birthdays or any sort of private event for up to 20 people. There are a wide range of options in terms of events with or without golf instruction, food and length of time. If you have any questions or would like to book and event, please email us here